The Longest Bout Of Man Flu Ever.

So back in mid November,  I wrote a post about having a long overdue week off work only to be hit by the same bug that was affecting my kids.

Normally, most of us go through some kind of heavy cold or even the Flu at the start of Winter, apparently it’s the body’s way of preparing for the long winter months ahead,  so I expect to feel like shit for a few days but it then goes away and will sometimes come back at the start of  Spring for another round. But his year it’s been totally different.

Since back in November, this bloody bug has stayed in this house seemingly fading and then coming back and making you feel awful again. All four of us in our house have been affected by this thing, indeed my little girl has really suffered with her ears and today I had to take her to out of hours Doctors where a burst eardrum was diagnosed. She has been given anti-biotics to fight the infection and the Doctor said he was very surprised that she hadn’t been seen by a professional before today. Apparently a burst eardrum comes after the infection has built up and then has nowhere else to go but through that thin membrane. She had shown no obvious signs of pain until yesterday and when we saw the discharge on her hot water bottle this morning, we decided to take her in.

So, we’re all suffering and I wrote this post to see if this is common this year. Five bloody weeks I’ve felt like crap and the family also. I have never experienced something like this and I could get some sort of consolation if others were going through this and that it wasn’t down to my house being a bug infested mess.

So come on guys, try to make me feel better whilst I go and prepare another Beechams.