Why I don’t bother using Torrent sites anymore.

A few years ago I discovered the world of torrenting, first of all through p2p sites like Limewire and Kazaa and then later Pirate Bay and the utorrent app. Back then I was very new to the internet and I had an old second hand PC with just a 4GB hard drive, I also had a dial up internet and would wait several hours for just one or two mp3’s. and even then you couldn’t be sure that the file would contain what it said on the tin.

Well I got my fingers bitten once when Limewire, my own raging hormones and naievety led me to download what I was led to believe was a naked picture of the lovely Gates McFadden aka Doctor Crusher. However, when I opened up the file, my computer just went crazy and opened up several windows of hardcore porn and then it shut down and I was never able to start that PC ever again. I lost all my data (in hindsight, I know a lot more now and would probably be able to recover at least some of it.)

My next PC I was a little more cautious. I never used p2p sites but did use Pirate Bay regularly. I built up a nice collection of music and I used to be able to catch up with TV shows that my friends In the States had seen over six months ago. Granted, I knew it was illegal but my argument was that if TV studios and channels couldn’t get their act together in showing these programmes within just a couple of weeks of each other, then I thought it was fair for me to find them for myself. I mean, if you are a member of a forums where people like to talk about BSG, Lost or any other Geeky show, then that immediatly puts us Brits at a disadvantage.

Lately though things have improved greatly. Now we get shows like Lost, 24, BSG, Fringe and others within just a couple of weeks of original broadcast in the States. Likewise, I believe shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood will be showing on BBC America within a few weeks of being broadcast over here.

Also the same applies to movies (probably even more so). Who here has bought DVD’s from some dodgy bloke in the street? You buy this disc of the film that is still being shown at the cinema and you ultimately end up disappointed in the quality. Either the picture is crap, the sound isn’t synced up or you see people getting up and going to the loo. And the film ends abruptly with no credits.

The good news however is that most movies are now released within 3-4 months of cinema release. Now I don’t mind waiting that long at all and if you pre-order from Amazon, you can get the DVD’s for almost half the recommended price. Gone are the days where you’d have to wait nearly a year to watch these movies at home.

So, since my favourite shows have started coming over here soon after the States, and since I only have to wait a few months for DVD releases, I really see no reason to use Torrent sites for these things, and you never even get a decent quality movie on Pirate Bay ( mostly they are handy-cam recordings). Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I saw a chinese guy selling DVD’s on the streets. Is this because the Police are cracking down on it or is it because the quality is shit and if you wait a few months you can buy a pucker movie?

Now I’m not totally innocent and I do have some torrented music, but this was downloaded many months ago and I stopped once the major ISP’s in this country said they were going to clamp down on such action, so I guess that’s another reason not to use torrent sites anymore. But my main reason as I stated before is that shows are going out to a worldwide audience much quicker than they used to.