Supermarket rant. No.1

It’s been many months since I did any work on this blog and I always feel bad about it, I think that if i worked with a PC all day I’d probably work on it a  little more often but at night I seem to just chill out and either forget or just cannot be arsed to write in it.

But the other day when I made an AudioBoo comment, I had a good friend of mine reply to my comment. Young Andy, who is one of my nearest and dearest buddies, and always takes the time to either insult or praise me in equal amounts, is often telling me that I am old before my time and that I spend far too much energy ranting about the things I find annoying in life. But then I thought “Hang on”, I could vent my spleen on my blog. I mean, It’s sitting there doing nothing and I might as well make use of it, and as so much in life pisses me off I reckon I have enough material to last a few more posts at least. So here goes my first of many rants, and today I’m focusing on my experiences in Supermarkets.

Now, we all have to go to the supermarket and It’s not as if anybody actually enjoys the experience is it? But really, why must I end up loathing almost the entire population within the store? I’m only going to rant about one particular bugbear of mine today but I have so many about Supermarkets that I will without doubt return to this topic. But today I’m concentrating on the Car Parks and how people use them.

So, there I am pulling into the local Tesco with the kiddies in the car and I’m looking for the “family bays”, these parking spaces are meant for people with young children or pushchairs and they are nearer to the entrance so the little angels don’t have so far to walk on their tired little legs. So many times I have arrived to find some idiot parked there with child seats in the back but with a distinct lack of ankle- biter, or worse still, there will be no evidence whatsoever of any child ever having been in that vehicle. No empty crisp packets, no mucky fingerprints on the windows or no toys strewn all over the car. Now this can only be down to laziness or the fact that they just want to piss me off. So then I have to park near the back of the car park and dodge the other idiots who insist on driving at well over the 10mph speed limit or decide to drive down the wrong way despite arrows clearly marking the correct direction. I mean come on, have some decency. These are the same people that park in disabled bays without a badge and just wonder off totally oblivious to the fact that a genuine person may need that space.

Another major “piss off” for me is those who simply cannot park properly. Those who find it impossible to park in between those white lines. It’s not tough is it? It seems that these morons cannot be bothered to reverse and line up properly. I  went to the same store the other day and watched this young couple pull into a space, the guy got out, looked at his utterly crap parking. His girlfriend commented on his bad parking but he thought it was quite amusing. He stopped the engine, locked the car and they both sauntered off leaving their heap of shit parked with one wheel encroaching into the neighbouring bay. I doubt he was smiling when he returned to his car to find a note under his windscreen wiper telling him exactly what his parking skills were like. (Hmm! I wonder who could have done that?)

One last thing I hate about Supermarket car-parks. When you have finished with your trolley, can you please return it to a trolley park? Don’t be a lazy git and just abandon it where you have unloaded it. Now this is purely down to having no regard for anyone else, these trolley parks are always only within a few meters of your car and it will only take a minute to push your wonkey trolley there. Have some respect and don’t be so damn lazy.

Well I think that is about it for my return to blog posting. As you have read, I hate Supermarket shopping and it’s a pity that we cannot avoid it. Online shopping is an option but many people I know who have tried it are often disappointed and they quite often end up with shit that they didn’t order. In an ideal world they’d shut the Supermarket so I could do my shopping in peace and quiet, but perhaps I need to be Michael Jackson for that to happen.